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Helping You Overcome Life Struggles

Patty Weber Bing, JD, M.Ed., LPC, PLLC

A Mental Health Counselor You Can Depend On

As individuals, we constantly face life problems that make us feel uneasy or downhearted. Anxiety and depression are two mood disorders that may result in irritability, loss of energy, as well as feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, among others. These disorders don’t just affect the mind; they also affect the body through loss of appetite, fatigue, and irregular sleeping pattern.

If you are currently in a difficult situation, know that I am more than willing to lend a hand, listen to your stories, and help you deal with your problems. I have more than seven years of experience in providing individuals with support and encouragement through counseling.

I am a retired educator who served as a teacher, counselor, principal, and district administrator for a total of 30 years in the field of education. Previously, I practiced law as well.

What I have learned is that if a person's mental health is stable and healthy, then whatever challenges life has to offer can be handled. Even when experiencing the grief of losing a loved one, those changes that occur with that particular loss could also be a learning experience to a person and helps in developing hope for the future.

I am experienced in guiding families and individuals through a multitude of life events encountered in daily living. Allow me to guide you and support you through your current situation.

Get in Touch

Contact me today to learn more about what I offer. The Seabrook office will be closing February 14, 2022.

1201 Hardesty,

Seabrook, Texas 77586

My new office will be in Friendswood effective February 15, 2022.

1506 East Winding Way Drive

Friendswood, Texas 77546

For appointments, you can contact my assistant, Maggie, at the number found on this page or email me directly.  

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